Kolarbyn forest hut Hotel, price 150 euro per night

Kolarbyn is known to be one of the world’s most bizarre hotels, when guests come here for vacation packages to split firewood, portable water, cooking.


Kolarbyn eco-Hotel is situated in Skinnskatteberg, near Stockholm, Sweden, is known to be one of the world’s most bizarre hotels. Where there is no electricity, no running water or toilet available.


Located between a pristine forest, the hotel consists of only 12 Kolarbyn wooden hut, inside is 2 wooden bed cover fleece and a wood stove. Come here, you have to cook it yourself, portable water, Split firewood and washing.


Kolarbyn attracts many tourists by its rustic charm. Andreas Ahlsen, owner of the hotel said: “people visit the hotels because they want to stay close to nature and experience the feeling of sleeping in huts. They want to get away from modern life full facilities. The only hut sizes small, if bigger than will lose away to experience the true nature of visitors “.


Visitors have to cook on a stove fire outside with these cooking tools it offers.


The raw materials like wheat bread, ketchup, bread, fruit and eggs you can advance in the hotel. Here there is no bath home, if wanna shower and laundry facilities to visitors out of a nearby stream.

Kolarbyn is known to be where there is long tradition of making charcoal. “This Places the workers who built the small rustic hut to sleep in the winter when they are logging and burning of charcoal to produce iron. After that some people want to preserve the traditional craft-making than this should have decided to reproduce the huts so visitors can experience “, Ahlsen said.


The cost for three nights at the hotel is 4,390 Swedish krona (about 450 euros) include food and two tour spot wildlife such as Moose and beavers. Alternatively you can come to visit nearby streams. The hotel is located just two hours drive from Stockholm or you can come here by public transport.

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